Alchemyze Elixirs

Adaptogenic Chai Concentrates

Alchemyze Elixirs

Adaptogenic Chai Concentrates

“I’ve had the most delicious and epic experience with this chai tea (yum)!"

"Right now during shelter-in-place I’ve been ordering every month and feeling so blissed up by the love + intention that goes into the products + delivery."

10/10 ” -Libby C

What is adaptogenic?

Adaptogens are a family of botanicals that help us, you guessed it, adapt! They help our bodies keep pace with our minds and vice versa.

Chaga is an adaptogenic, regenerative mushroom found on birch trees that is plentiful in this brew and well known as The King Mushroom.

Turmeric root, the popular anti-inflamatory, is also adaptogenic and abundant in this chai. We adore Chaga, Turmeric and the science of adaptogenic plants and fungi.

high quality, nutrient dense.

Brewing the magic